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Certification and Registration

The Medical Use of Marijuana Program uses a web-based registry called the MMJ Online System. It was initially run by the Department of Public Health with access through the Virtual Gateway.  It is now under the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) and access is through a web-based patient portal. The process has been streamlined by the CCC and is more user-friendly.

When our medical practitioner determines that you qualify for the program, he or she will make an online request that you be certified. It is confirmed and a new account is established, if it is your first time, or your current account is updated. This is your Certification and it takes effect immediately.

Once you are certified by us you will need to register with the state.  Registration is done through the patient portal. It is designed to be done by the patient, though our staff can assist with it. Your  "Registration" provides the state with more detailed information about you (your address, phone number, etc.). When completed, it also takes effect immediately. A one-month temporary registration is provided if you are new to the program or your previous card has expired.

Both your certification and your registration need to be renewed on a yearly basis. The expiration dates of these two processes are different.  To be honest, it can be annoyingly confusing at times.  Renewing your certification requires a telehealth appointment with our medical practitioner.  Renewing your registration is done online and is usually easier than than first time registration. As always, we can help. Call us.

Don't worry if things have expired! Renewing your certification and registration when they have expired is easy and there's no extra cost.


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